‘Siraphan Thaiherbs’ global quality beauty products.
The beauty is still important that both women and men era. Attention is very Cosmetics and beauty care products. It happened many brand To accommodate the needs of this group. Which looked as if it was one of the largest and most purchasing power in society that it is.
With the growth and market value is enormous. Moreover, the role of expertise in the operation of the spa’s. That is popular in the city of Pattaya and Chonburi torch under the name ‘Patarawan Spa’ means executives like you in case Supa. Pak Chuen Commerce The idea was to build upon the existing business to the role of their respective owners. Herbs for Beauty She used the experience to innovate and develop products with experts. By applying the knowledge gained from their use in place at the spa of her own. Selection of recipes that fit into and through trial and that the results are satisfactory. Finally, the products ‘Crown herb species’ Beauty brand, Thailand. Management plans to escape international global market soon.
“We divide our products into three groups: the depression, healthy hair, the physical health (spa) and health mistake by our products will focus on the value of the extract. The use of herbs Since the last we see clearly from Thailand have proven herbs. Value, and therefore, it is beneficial to the skin. As well as massage and beauty treatment for end users as well. And not before causing unpleasant side effects. By-products of plant Crown Herb is that every customer can purchase an affordable price. Prices start at 100 baht only our products are used in compression level crossings above. The distribution channels through distributors and Exhibition. Well known and recognized by consumers to have the opportunity to trial. Until the adoption by consumers to have the opportunity to trial. I was told As a result, our customer base expansion and rapid growth in. “
For the kidneys ‘Crown herb species’ which were popular. Product Type Toner Mangosteen, mud mask recipe poppy, Cream Cleanser Fruit Green Tea, Hair, Black Natural Shampoo gives hair, Herbs for treatment, body scrub recipe tamarind. Honey, gel breakdown cellulite fat recipes beet red, coffee grinding etc.
Data base Customers began to expand rapidly because the product is so marketable Crown herbal plants is open to all those interested in the beauty business. If you wish to be part of a mechanism that can spread to the product. Consumer thoroughly And creates the opportunity to build a business to people who are committed to building the future of this product by a dealer under simple conditions torch. You Supa Quick Nee said.
“First, I must say that those who come into the dealership. I would recommend that you try the following products first. When using this product, you can tell your customers that our products are good, however, and the results are not satisfactory, however. The condition of the equipment can discuss the budget you have. I know how good investment. You can recommend our products to be marketed as a Full time-Part time the earnings yield is 40-45% more goods to sell to. Consumers and the mouth. So the market is not difficult to do at all. Only have a love And we will take care of you And consultation throughout the duration of the joint business with us. Health Trend force in 3-5 years, and market trends, soaring upward. It is a great opportunity for all investors. This channel will be used to create stability for themselves and grow with us. “
In the near future, ‘Crown herb plants ready to enter international markets. In the past, a group of interested customers for the product already. Executives said attest to that. “Ready to Install the wing leading beauty brand, Thailand. The international market to consumers around the world know that Thailand brand products. Quality equal to branded products outside of it. “